Modern Slavery Act Statement

Under the 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act, all businesses with over £36m in annual turnover conducting business in the UK are required to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement. The statement should detail the steps that your organisation is undertaking to ensure that your global supply chain is slavery free.

Although the UK government does not specify exactly what should be included in this statement, Section 54 of The Act recommends including the following information:

  1. The total annual turnover of the organisation
  2. The organisation’s structure and all its supply chain
  3. The human trafficking and slavery policies of the organisation
  4. The company’s due diligence procedure regarding human trafficking and slavery in its supply chain
  5. The steps it is taking to diminish the risk of human trafficking and slavery in its supply chain. Identifying where the biggest risk lies will help your organisation achieve this.
  6. The efficiency and success in guaranteeing that human trafficking and slavery is not taking place in the organisation’s supply chain. There should be effective performance indicators in place to measure this.
  7. The human trafficking and slavery training available to the organisation’s staff